Filing of nomination papers continue

District General

Chakwal: The filing of nomination papers continued on Saturday as more nomination papers have been filed.

Ch. Liaquat Ali Khan and his son Haider Sultan of PMLN at PP20, Malik Zahid Aslam of PMLN at PP 21, Ali Nasir Bhatti of PTI at PP20, Maha Tareen Raja of PTI at PP21, Hafiz Abdul Qadder of JUIF at NA 60, Qari Abdul Ghaffar at PP20.

The three candidates of All Pakistan Muslim league Fakhar Mehmood Mirza at NA 60, Khalid Mehmood Malik at PP 20 and Ch. Zain ul Abideen at PP 21. The last date of nomination papers is today Sunday 31st march and the scrutiny of the nomination papers will start from 1st April.