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FBR Might Offer A Golden Hand Shake Scheme to Employees in 2021

A document of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on “Reforms in the FBR”, available with ProPakistani, has hinted that FBR might offer a Golden Handshake Scheme for the redundant workforce of the Inland Revenue Service officials.

As per the document, the implementation is likely around June 2021.

Senior FBR officials, however, have categorically denied any such plans and said that there’s no such “Golden Handshake Scheme” for any FBR employee under consideration.

A senior FBR official who wanted to remain unnamed said that nothing is under consideration and FBR has not assigned anything to any FBR Member for the drafting of any such policy.

FBR officials were also not clear about the definition of the redundant workforce of the Inland Revenue Service.

Sources said that working on such a scheme is part of the FBR reforms and restructuring of the tax administration. Under the reform plan, the “redundant” FBR employees may be given an option to avail the Golden Handshake Scheme.

No more specifics of the “Golden Handshake Scheme” are known yet, and it’s also not clear on what basis and how the employees will be termed as redundant.

An FBR document showed that the board has directed the FBR Member Administration and FBR Member Inland Revenue Operations to start work on drafting the initial sketch of the scheme for implementation by the end of the current fiscal year.

The FBR document also shows that under the World Bank project of the FBR (Pakistan Raises Revenue), an amount of $4 million has been allocated for the scheme.

Under the FBR reforms, the proposal to revise Efficiency and Disciplinary Rules will be instrumental in taking speedy action against the corrupt tax officials.

According to the sources, the discretionary powers of the FBR low staff in the board as well as field formations will be curtailed under the new reform plan. The FBR will rationalize professionals to support staff ratio.

There is an imbalance between the officers and subordinate staff, which needs to be rectified to improve efficiency, facilitate taxpayers and minimize discretionary powers of the lower functionaries.


Source: Propakistani


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