Experts asks organizations to raise contribution in socio-economic development

General Karachi

KARACHI: Most of the hospitals let heart and other serious patients to die due to having no money for costly medical tests and treatment, which is matter of great concern, therefore, corporate sector, including hospitals, should adopt sympathetic attitude and provide free treatment to such patients and save their lives as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“Banks and other corporate sector organizations have been contributing in education, health and other social welfare services, however, there is need to contribute more in this regard,” said Ateequr Rehman, CEO Coastal Packers & Movers and Member KCCI executive committee while speaking at the 5th international summit on CSR 2013 organized by National Forum for Environment (NFEH) in association with United Nations Environment Program, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, Indus Hospital, Make A Wish Foundation and Family Educational Services Foundation at a local hotel on Thursday.

Ateeq said that Indus Hospital is an innovative healthcare organization in the country which provides treatment to those serious patients who do not have money, and it does not let them to die like other hospitals are doing. “Other hospitals should also need to feel their social responsibility and save human lives,” he said.

He asked the organizations to play their due role in social development and contribute more money for human development and welfare so as to lead the country towards greater development.

Javed Jabbar, former federal information and an environment expert, said that many organizations have initiated contribution in social development which is good omen but there is lot of work still to be done. These organizations need to contribute more in social development. He said that CSR should be linked to corporate fiscal responsibility and organizations should file their tax returns so as to bring more socio-economic stability in the country.

He said: “Corporate sector gives lot of jobs and play major role in socio-economic uplift of the country. It is also spending on education and professional training of people. FPCC along with other organizations should make a report that how much money corporate sector is contributing in social development.”

Jabbar said that there is need to conduct more research in social sector. However, he expressed concern that a meagre amount of budget is being spent on social science research. Such budget should be raised significantly, he stressed. He said that it is irony that Zulfikarabad project has been launched without conducting basic environmental assessment which was mandatory before initiating it.

He informed with concern that FBR has declared that 300 textile mills are not paying taxes positively, which is matter of great concern. He urged the organizations to pay tax returns so as to ensure their contribution in social sector development.

Muhammad Haroon Agar, President KCCI, said CSR concept is getting momentum and there is need to raise more awareness about it. There are lot of organizations which are providing food and other social services to people in Karachi. He said that Pakistan bureaucracy do not want our economy grow. Law and order situation in the city has badly affected business and social activities.
He said companies have started believing in the welfare of not only its employees but its activities that have been directed towards safety, environment, education and social welfare and other issues.

Agar said: “Every business has a responsibility to produce its product that it sells at a profit abiding legal requirements, maintain fair practices and support the local community and make charitable donations. The rise of the modern corporation created and continues to creates many social problems.”

Businesses and corporations are part of society and depend not only on their stakeholders but also on society. It is important for business to give back to society. Helping society can be mutually beneficial and profitable. “It is in your best interest to bring the poorest and least privileged into the mainstream of economic activity. Collective efforts are required to encourage CSR in all segments of the economy,” he added.

Mehmood Tareen, a social leader, said that CSR is changing business trends as 80 percent of companies have started CSR. He said that local corporations are paying more attention on CSR, however, there is need to raise more awareness about it.

Aman-ul-Haq, Manager CSR, Engro Corporation, said that agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan and Ghotki has become one of the largest economic contributing districts. This district has also created lot of jobs. He stressed the need to support farming community in rural areas for raising milk and crop productions.

He said that the farming community has started producing more milk after companies purchased milk from them at lucrative rates. This has helped them to raise their earnings and generate livelihood with respect.

Aman said that we have trained 20,000 women in Sind, making them self-reliant in economy. He also stressed the need to train farmers for raising agriculture and dairy productions. There is also need to conduct research on seeds for achieving more crop production.

Two penal discussions were also held about CSR importance in which cross questions were raised about the problems being faced in this regard. The penalises stressed the need to raise the CSR contribution in social development.

NFEH also awarded 40 companies for playing best role in social development. The names of the companies are: English Biscuit Manufacturers; Engro Power Gen Qadir Pur; GeII Sapphire Electric Project; Pak Arab Refinery; Mariam Ali Mohammad Tabba Foundation; Change In Education; Tourism Promotion Services Pakistan; Procter & Gamble Pakistan; Rafhan Maize Products; Total Parco Pakistan; Adamjee Insurance Company; Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim; Fauji Fertilizer Company; Human Development Foundation; Etihad Airways; Yunus Textile Mill; Karachi Electric Supply Company; Pepsi Cola International; Pak Datacom; Greenwich University; Total Oil Pakistan; M. Muhammad Shafi & Co; CRLF Crown Group; National Bank of Pakistan; Pakistan Petroleum; Engro Foundation; Lotte Pakistan PPTA; Pakistan Tobacco Company; Fatima Fertilizer Company; EFU Life Assurance; Oil & Gas Development Company; Sui Southern Gas Company; Tameer Microfinance Bank; Js Bank; Shan Foods; Dr Essa Laboratory; Habib Bank; PharmEvo; and Abbott Laboratories Pakistan.