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Eight dialysis machines out of order at CMCH

Ratodero, Sindh: Out of 15 dialysis machines eight have been out of order for many months due to which kidney failure patients instead of visiting the dialysis section of the Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) Larkana are going to other centers in Sukkur, Gambat and cities, causing them immense problems and extra expenditure.

Out of seven functional machines, 3 are reserved for Hepatitis negative patients and four for Hepatitis positive. Six new machines were recently supplied to the dialysis section which too went out of order soon after their initial performance, sources at the section said, which shows the poor quality of the machines or lack of experience of operators to handle them properly.

They said 25 to 30 patients used to get dialysis daily in two, morning & evening shifts; however, most of them are now visiting other hospitals and now about 6 to 9 patients report here daily to get dialysis.

Due to non-availability of machines many poor patients may have lost their precious lives as they may not have been able to bear travelling expenses to other cities.

There are two Water Reverse Oasmosis (WRO) systems installed at the dialysis section out which one is very old hence non-functional. Roof of the hall where these machines have been installed has been leaking since long but no steps yet taken to get it waterproofed which too has added to the woes of already suffering needy patients.

Former Hospital administration had decided in principle in consultation with the Chandka Medical College authorities that nephrology ward and dialysis section should be shifted to old Casualty building in City Block from the existing building in Teaching Block to save the patients from polluted Rice canal water because of the salinity & water-logging problems which is unfit for dialysis as per PCSIR reports.

This shifting will also benefit the Urology patients as both the departments (Nephrology & Urology) were housed in one building and looked-after by one Head of Department but then these were separated about a year ago on the intervention of CMC principal and the then MS CMCH.

The shifting of Nephrology will enhance the bed capacity of the Urology department as there is no such facility in more than 12 districts of upper Sindh and more patients that are suffering from urological ailments will get beds otherwise presently they have to wait for weeks to get an empty bed to get treatment or operation as there are 24 beds for males and about 10 for females only.

Dialysis patients Ali Murad, Raza Muhammad and Nisar Shaikh told Media in Larkana that they will get better environment & treatment and large place to get dialysis in the old Casualty building as it has recently been renovated for this purpose only and the water is comparatively better than Teaching Hospital Block. They further urged the authorities to get repaired the out of order dialysis machines to save precious lives of kidney patients.


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