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ECP: ECP congratulates people on historic election

Islamabad: The polling process of General Elections2013 has successfully been completed and the ECP congratulates the people of Pakistan on this historic election which became a success due to the spirit, resolve and patience of all the public of Pakistan.

According to a press release issued on Sunday, result of both the National and Provincial Assemblies are being received in a very foolproof and systematic manner in the Control Room established by the ECP in its Secretariat in Islamabad.

The ECP, for enhancing further fairness and credibility, developed a software of Result Management System RMS that has been provided to all the 425 returning officers for sharing the exact vote count of candidates from each polling station all over the country soon after the counting process is completed, it said in release.

However, as the RMS has been introduced for the first time and it is forwarding results in a slow manner that is why results are being announced with a little delay.

Therefore, the ECP has instructed the Returning officers to prepare the unofficial results manually and send the same to the same to the ECP as early as possible.


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