ECC’s decision subversion to create trust deficit: PAMA

General Karachi

KARACHI: Attempts to create confusion on ECC decision will only hurt business environment in the country; ECC is a respected forum and any attempt to subvert its decisions will create a trust deficit between business community and the Govt officials, Director General Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association said in a letter to Finance Minister and Chairman FBR.

He said that FBR’s initiative of notifying the ECC decision in letter and spirit gives the industry high hope that it will go a long way in development of auto industry in Pakistan, however some elements are bent upon creating confusion about a clear decision by ECC on 23rd Oct which has been communicated clearly in form of SROs issued by FBR.

The letter says “the issue of auto industry was and is sensitive to the long term growth of a vibrant sector of the industry; the decision was given only after a dozen or so meetings and a yearlong dialogue. The ECC decision was clearly minted by the Cabinet division and subsequently shared with the stakeholders in person and via the local and international media.

Director General PAMA Abdul Waheed while commenting on the situation said that the MOC is making a mockery of the SROs and subsequent formalities which followed the decision by ECC, which were made in spirit of protecting the local industry while giving a projection of next year to all the stakeholders.

Creating confusion out of a speaking order is not only detrimental to the industry but will create yet another embarrassing situation for the Govt which is already facing difficult situation in front on the courts.

He said that industry will not waste a single day and will take the matter to courts if the MOC doesn’t stop playing the game sponsored by vested interest.

On the other hand better sense seems to have prevailed at FBR as they have already uploaded the relevant SRO’s specially SRO 693 I/2006 with new entrant policy as approved through ECC decision of the Case No.ECC168/13/2007 dated 13.11.2007. This policy uploaded on the FBR site given in SRO 693/2006, covers only Cars, Trucks and Busses etc. but leaves out the two three wheelers. These SROs were uploaded on FBR site on November 30, 2012, while Revenue Division, FBR letter for clarification on the issue was written on November 21, 2012. This goes to prove that FBR is not satisfied with what it is being dragged into. They have taken a strong position in face of MOC letter and pressure from powerful quarters.