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Executives comment on Electronic Trading Application of the Company in the United States and include comments from major shareholder and Swiss Executive Director Mr. George Koukis.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND–(Marketwire – September 28, 2012) – EasyMed Services Inc. (CNSX: EZM)(OTCBB: EMYSF)(MUN: EY6) (“EasyMed” or the “Company”) reports the following update to shareholders on material events that impact the trading of EasyMed in the United States public markets.

The Company has commenced an application with the United States Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”) for book-entry-only (“BEO”), or “electronic”, trading of the Company’s Over the Counter (OTC) securities. The Company’s shares in the United States presently trade under the stock symbol “EMYSF” on the OTC Markets. Management anticipates that BEO treatment of the Company’s shares in the United States will have a beneficial effect on trading and liquidity for the Company’s shareholders.

Until now, the Company’s trading in the United States has primarily been done through market makers who then settle stock trades through Canadian brokerage houses. By filing with the DTCC for electronic trading, the Company hopes to provide online stock-buying and selling services which are easier and quicker for investors to use.

“In recent weeks we have heard from a number of investors and traders in the United States who expressed concern about the inability to buy or sell EasyMed’s stock in the US Over the Counter (OTC) retail market. We immediately engaged with our securities attorneys in the United States to work with the DTCC, the clearing houses, and market makers to support and assist us so that we can make trading of our stock far more efficient in America,” stated Mr. Jared Scharf, CFO of EasyMed. “As we take the appropriate steps to address these issues, we want to assure our valued shareholders that we will update them on this matter in a timely manner and on a frequent basis. Further, we wish to let shareholders know that we are currently working to engage new market makers in the United States which we believe will create a far more fluid market that is able to accommodate a higher trading profile. We invite any current shareholders, or new investors alike, to contact us should they have any additional questions or concerns.”

The Company would also would like to afford a platform to major EasyMed shareholder and Executive Director of EasyMed Swiss subsidiary, international entrepreneur and billionaire Mr. George Koukis (founder of Temenos, a premier international banking software), to offer his comments on recent events and his continued involvement with the Company. “The market has seen an increasing number of applications in the Health Sector. Understandably so, since personal health is more important than wealth. The driver for growth in this sector is the advance of technology. Since leaving Temenos I invested in this sector and one of the best applications in telemedicine today is that of EasyMed. EasyMed has developed cutting-edge health technology products that use mobile phones and applications to streamline the health delivery process. The International Medical Passport provides a digital health record on a user’s mobile phone along with features essential for travelers, and the patient management tool for hospitals is extremely unique. We plan to launch EasyMed in the Middle East and Asia, in countries with high growth potential.”

“We are of the opinion that these matters are current and timely, and are of material importance to our shareholders,” explains Mr. Tejinder Sahota, CEO of EasyMed. “The possibility that the DTCC will allow our stock to trade electronically is very important to our company as we begin to expand into the American markets. We have had a great deal of interest and many queries from the US investment community, and being able to provide a vibrant market for them in their country and also globally can only serve all of our shareholders. Further, Mr. Koukis has been an invaluable partner to the Company from his initial investment a few years ago and I can only reiterate how instrumental he was in helping the Company set up our development center in Chennai. He has now taken an Executive position in our Swiss organization and he has firmly committed himself and his network to accelerating the commercialization of our Company globally. He has had an unparalleled track record in his career having founded Temenos and built it over the years into the billion-dollar conglomerate that it is today.”

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EasyMed Services Inc. (CNSX: EZM)(OTCBB: EMYSF)(MUN: EY6) is a global medical information technology company delivering an end-to-end patient care solution through mobile phone, PDA and smartphone technologies. To learn more, please visit www.EasyMedMobile.com.

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