Dr Malik Baloch -Press

General Quetta

QUETTA: President National Party Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has demanded change in Mining policy of the province and allotment to non Balochistanis should be cancelled. Twelve percent of income from minerals should be allocated for the same district from where minerals are mined.

Addressing a Press conference here Thursday he said he has returned to Quetta after detailed visit of district Chagai bordering with Iran. He was deeply grieved to see that people in this mineral rich district were leading worst backward and poor life. He aid atomic tests were conducted in the mountains of Raskoh in district Chagai to become nuclear power adding a high school just one kilometre away from Raskoh has only 5 rooms and three teachers. There are only four lecturers in inter college Dalbandin. He said Governor Tabuk established a 100 bed hospital in Chagai but it has also reached to the brink of collapse. He said Balochistan earned 2.48 billion from minerals during 201112. Of this i.e. 1.40 billion was earned from District Chagai only. But still people here are faced with worst poverty. He said worst corruption as committed in Chagai and education sector was completely ignored.

He strongly lashed out at the provincial government and said lakhs of acres of land has been leased out to non locals. He aid ministers and people’s representatives have also named parts of Reko Diq project.

He put forth three demands. He said 12 percent of total income from minerals in district Chagai should be allocated for the district and it should be used for education only. This policy should be enforced in whole of Balochistan and not only in Chagai. Inter College Dalbandin should be upgraded to Degree level and teachers shortage at all the institutions should be removed and local educated youth should be posted there. Balochistan Government should review mining policy and bring changes into it. Allotment of mineral lands to non locals should be cancelled.