Doctors immediately call off strike: MPA


QUETTA: PML leader MPA sheikh Jaffar Mandokhel has asked striking doctors to immediately call of their strike and end their protest and government should accept demands of the doctors and provide them security.

He was speaking to different delegations here Thursday.

He said it is duty of doctors to avoid such strikes in view of sanctity of their profession as it creates problems for poor patients. He said about demands of doctors of their security we have said on floor of the Assembly and Chief Minister to resolve it because abduction of doctors with frequent intervals and their killing is regrettable.

He said in his opinion to go to such a point by doctors for their demands is also not justified. He said government is like mother and father who care his children by all means. Therefore doctors must not go emotional and show some leniency.

He appealed to Balochistan Governor and Chief Minister in his personal capacity to take personal interest and end the problem.

He said overall it is responsibility of the government to improve deteriorated law and order situation. He said all the people including doctors should be provided security because there prevails fear in Balochistan particularly Quetta.