District: 130 candidates file nomination papers for six seats of District Chakwal

District General

Chakwal: 130 candidates have filed their nomination papers for the six seats of Chakwal at two courts of returning officers at Chakwal and Talagang.

The process of nomination papers have been completed as all the major candidates of different political parties have filed their nomination papers for two national and four provincial assembly seats of district Chakwal.

Independent panel candidates’ Sardar Ghulam Abbas and Sardar Aftab Akhter filed nomination paper at NA 60 at the court of returning officer Chakwal Ch. Anwar Ahmed Khan. Malik Akhter Shehbaz and Ejaz Farhat filed their nomination papers at PP 21 and PP 20 respectively from independent panel.

Arsalan Shoukat Qadri of Sunni Tehrik at PP 20, Raja Ehsan Sher at PP 21 for PMLN, Mehwish Sultana of PMLN at PP 21. Shah Jahan Sarfraz Raja of PPP filed his nomination papers at NA 60 and PP 20, Zulfiqar Sarfraz of PPP at PP 20, Malik Nazir Niazi of PMLN at NA 60, Ch. Naeem Akram of PTI at PP 20, Ch. Rizwan Akram of PTI at NA 60, Syed Arbab Ali at PP21 independent, Malik Nasir Mughal of PPP at PP 21, Ayaz Amir of PMLN at NA 60, Raja Yasir Sarfraz of PTI at NA 60, Pir Abdul Shakoor Naqshbandi of Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nabuwat at NA 60, Raja Sana ul Haq advocate of PPP at NA 60, Sahibzada pir Nasir Jameel Hashmi of PTI at NA 60, Malik Akhter Nawaz Awan Of Jamiat Islami At PP 20, Malik Shahid Iqbal Advocate Of PTI At PP 20, Col. M. Saeed Of Tahaffuz E Pakistan At PP 21. The Scrutiny Of Nomination Papers Will Start Form Monday To 7th April. It is very interesting that so for no ticket was awarded to any major political parties to its candidates and therefore lot of unnecessary candidates have filed their nomination papers.