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Demonstration, shutter down, wheel jam announced

QUETTA: Jamiat Ulemae Islam and religious, political and nationalist parties in Balochistan Assembly while terming
dismissal of provincial government and imposition of Governor Rule as malafide and hurdle in the way of caretaker government and Reko Diq project said it is conspiracy and rejected it. They demanded restoration of provincial government under Article 236 or threatened demonstrations all over Balochistan on January 20, shutter down on January 25 and wheel Jan on February 1including jamming Railways. Still the government was not restored we would follow the path where form return for us would be difficult.

The above was stated by Amir JUI Balochistan Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani at an emergency Press conference here Friday.

Former Senior Minister Maulana Abdul Wasay, PPP leaders Ali Madad Jattak, Maulana Abdul Bari, Abdus Samad Akhundzada, Shah Nawaz Marri, Syeh Ehsan Shah, Senator Hafiz Hamdullah and others were also present.

Maulana Sherani said provincial government led by Nawab Aslam Raisani has been dismissed which is a new chapter of dictatorship. He said situation was not bad in the province for few days but since long time. When government did not accept pressure of some influential personalities it was dismissed under Article 234 whereas Article 232 was to be exercised on the situation.

We therefore demand of President to immediately reverse his order on Article 236 and restore provincial government. He said we had offered Prime Minister if he wanted to remove provincial Chief Minister we were ready for it. In House change can be brought but it was not accepted and entire cabinet was removed.

He said if president did not reverse his orders by February 1 we would evolve future course of action. He said provincial governments were dismissed in 1973, 1990 and now in 2013.

If government was not restored we have many secret which who are involved in terrorism and who were deteriorating situation in Balochistan. These would be unfolded if our demand was not accepted.

He said we are not going to High Court or Supreme Court because there is very small time as general elections are very near. He said he would like to give on point. Nawab Raisani was called for meal and prior to start of meal he was given a file asking him to sign it. But he did not sign and left the venue.

He said imposition of Governor rule in Balochistan by President requires endorsement by Parliament. But he took unconstitutional and illegal step. He said still there is time or may be there is a situation where form there is no return.

Deputy Parliamentary leaders PPP Ali Madad Jattak said that 12 MPAs of arty excluding Sadiq Umrani and Jan Ali Changezi are with him. The day procession and protests start they would be with us.

BNPA leader Asadullah Baloch said we are democratic people but our government has been ambushed. It is unconstitutional and illegal step and we do not accept it and condemn it in strong words.


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