Demand to bring home stranded Pakistanis

Karachi: Those who stood side by side with Pakistan Army are stranded in Bangladesh in pathetic condition, highlighting Pakistan government’s insensitivity on the issue”.

These views were expressed by Justice Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui while speaking at a seminar titled “Dhaka Debacle: to take heed or to remain or embarrassed” organized by Movement for People of East Pakistan here Sunday night.

He said that Bangladeshi nationals gave numerous sacrifices for Pakistan but are being deprived of rightful nationality here despite passage of 41 years. He said that nations that do not take heed of such disasters learn the hard way. He called for immediate measures to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Other speakers, also, the affected people must be brought back to the country at all costs. They said that people should vote those people in next general election that have inclusion of this issue in their agenda. They also questioned that if three million Pakistanis can live here, why not 0.3 million stranded Pakistanis.