Defence Minister vows to create world free of terrorism

Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has expressed Pakistan’s commitment to creating a world free of terrorism and extremism.

Addressing a seminar in Islamabad today, he said that kinetic and non-kinetic measures are being taken to eliminate terrorism from its roots.

The Minister said that country suffered immensely from extremist tendencies, posing serious threat to social cohesion, peace and harmony in the country.

Khawaja Asif said that Pakistan is taking the lead in fighting terrorism despite bearing unprecedented human and economic sacrifices.

He emphasized the need of exterminating the extremist propaganda and its recruitment centers for a peaceful society.

The Minister said the mobilization of social forces and societal consensus against extremism are the key requirements for sustainable peace.

Commending the role of relevant organizations of country to eradicate extremism, he said National Action Plan, National Internal Security Policy and National counter extremism policy guidelines have sign
ificantly curtailed the space for terrorist organizations.

He said confronting the extremist ideology is the only way to cultivate a culture that promotes mutual care, well-being and appreciation of diversity.

Terming the cultural and linguistic diversity and religious harmony as a vital tool for the promotion of peace in the country, the Minister said it will also project an enlighten image of country and it must be highlighted.

Source: Radio Pakistan