Death anniversary of Shakeel Ahmed being observed today

Forty-seventh death anniversary of renowned newsreader of Radio Pakistan and broadcaster Shakeel Ahmed is being observed today.

Shakeel Ahmed was born in 1908 in Indian city Malihabad. His real name was Wakeel Ahmad.

Shakeel Ahmad read the first news bulletin of Radio Pakistan’s history in 1947.

During 1965’s Pak-India war, it was Radio Pakistan’s legendary news reader Shakeel Ahmad’s golden voice that lifted spirits of the people and those fighting on front lines. His unique style of news reading left deep imprints on minds of the listeners during the war time in 1965.

He was awarded Pride of Performance in 1967.

After the shifting of Radio Pakistan’s World Service to Karachi, he joined the service in 1973 where he worked until his death on this day in 1977 in Karachi.

Source: Radio Pakistan