Dar visits Jagran-1 hydropower plant in Neelum district

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar made a surprise visit to Jagran-1 Hydropower Plant in Neelum district, Azad Jammu Kashmir today.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed satisfaction at the smooth functioning of the 30.4 MW Jagran-I hydropower plant.

The Deputy Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes for the engineers, technicians and workers employed in Jagran-1 and the full support of the Government of Pakistan for the project, which is contributing to Pakistan’s energy security.

The Jagran-I Hydropower Project was first initiated in 1995 and progress gained momentum under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

The Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar, serving as then Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council, fast-tracked the approval of the revised project and ensured its timely completion.

The Jagran-I Hydropower Project was inaugurated in October 2000 and began generating 132 Million Units of
energy annually.

This power plant is directly connected to the national grid via a 132 KV transmission line, significantly contributing to the country’s energy supply.

Source: Radio Pakistan