Cultural and literature activities should be promoted in the country-ICCI

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) organized a meeting in honour of Ms.Nasira Zubairi to paying her tribute for launching another book titled, “Kaanch Ka Chiragh” in which she discusses life with all its beliefs, different phases and colours, its beauty and the tragedies it produces.

Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari, President ICCI praised Ms.Nasira as a really sensitive and perceptive person who had the ability to capture the intensity of the vagaries of life and fate.

He said that we should play proactive role for the promotion of local culture and literature as the history of Pakistani languages and literatures was very old.

Mr.Bakhtawari said that we can promote national solidarity by promoting our culture and literature as literature brings people together. He said that our poets should also have full awareness about the different challenges faced by people of the country so that they could portray their problems in a better way.

ICCI President said that harmony and tolerance in the society could also be promoted through literature. He said that Government should also formulate strong policy frameworks to enable an environment where cultural and literature activities become a regular part of our social landscape.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms.Nasira Zubairi said that her book is a reflection of a highly sensitive mind and a really tender heart and her novel is a reflection of her experiences of life preserved in a very poignant manner.

She said that she has highlighted the emotions of a normal being by reflecting the bright and dark sides of life in her book. She said that she just did not believe that men and women were competitors but thought that they were two complements of a whole.
Speakers at the event termed Nasira Zubairi as an instrumental and prominent poet of the current era and said that Nasira has demonstrated the relevance of the Ghazal in the modern day.