Corruption put country at stake, Mian Iftikhar

General Peshawar

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Transport, Mian Iftikhar Hussain, has said that corruption has created destructive situation and harmed the existence of country and it is the need of the hour to eradicate corruption through collective efforts.

He said that financial corruption was not the only way of corruption, but the irresponsibility of official works and dishonesty were also the shapes of corruption.

This he said while addressing a seminar on “Good governance through the eradication of corruption” at Nishtar Hall Peshawar on Thursday. Chief Secretary Ghulam Dastagir Akhtar, Director General NAB Col. ® Khursheed Alam, Director Anti Corruption, Syed Fayyaz Ali Shah and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Peshawar Dr. Abdul Mateen also spoke.

Iftikhar Hussain said that unfortunately corruption has become an integral part of our society, adding no department and organization was not safe from it. He said that the corruption could be eradicated only through making the system corruption-free. It is the need to communicate this message to the whole society.

Minister has accepted that unluckily our society was being ruled on adhoc-ism for last 65 years. Our country has come into existence in the name of Islam, but neither we implemented the Islamic system; nor became socialist or democratic. Resultantly, we are going down day by day.

He said that democracy was the best system for country and a big change could be brought through good leadership. He said that personally he was against corruption and every type of social evils and had not only raised voice but also initiated practical efforts to get rid of it.

Talking about the initiatives of the government regarding eradication of corruption, he said, the present provincial government has formulated a complete policy to eradicate the corruption for the first time in the history. He emphasized to boycott the corrupt elements.

Director General NAB while appreciating the three years anticorruption strategy of the Government of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has said these initiatives of the provincial government were follow-able by the other provinces of the country.

He also highlighted the efforts of NAB to eradicate corruption and said the NAB was working successfully for the eradication of corruption with the coordination of Information and Education Departments.

The campaign was also continuing against corruption at district level with the assistance of educational institutes, he concluded.