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Consultations underway among EU countries to recognize Palestine: Ambassador

Jerusalem Consultations among a number of European Union countries are underway to recognize the State of Palestine, collectively or individually, Palestine's Ambassador to the EU Abdel Rahim al-Farra has revealed.

Speaking to the Voice of Palestine Radio on Tuesday, Ambassador Farra said the trend to recognize a Palestinian state has increased within the EU, while Israel continues to violate international law and international legitimacy. He pointed out that the meeting of EU foreign ministers with the Arab ministerial committee to follow up the Jerusalem issue, held in Brussels on Monday, emphasized the need to save the two-state solution.

The ambassador said that all Arab ministers and Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul-Gheit spoke with one voice, stressing the need for a new position on the part of the EU with regard to the peace process and the Palestinian question. He explained that the Arab ministers underlined the need for adopting the vision of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for peace, outlined in his address to the UN Security Council.

The Palestinian diplomat said EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mughrini underscored the full agreement between Arabs and Europeans with regard to the position on the peace process. He added that the EU senior official also expressed Europe rejection of any change to Jerusalem's legal status, asserting that saving the two-state solution remains the only viable way to end this conflict.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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