Constitution of 1973 represents significant milestone in Pakistan’s history: Dr Ather Mahboob

Vice Chancellor Islamia University Bahawalpur Professor Dr Ather Mahboob has said the 1973 constitution represents a significant milestone in the history of Pakistan which was passed unanimously.

In a video podcast interview in connection with golden jubilee celebrations of 1973 Constitution with Radio Pakistan, he said university has started compulsory subject to acquaint the students about fundamental rights provided in the constitution.

He said constitution provides power sharing structure among all its units to run the affairs of the state smoothly.

Dr Ather Mahboob said the constitution guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, including the right to equality, freedom of speech, assembly, and association, freedom of religion, and the right to a fair trial.

He said Pakistan was declared as an Islamic Republic in 1973 constitution and it also ensured protection of the rights of minorities and freedom of religion.

Source: Radio Pakistan