Commission of Inquiry on enforced disappearances conducting proceedings on regular basis

General Islamabad

Islamabad: The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances comprising of the former Senior Judge of Supreme Court, Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal and Mr. Muhammad Sharif Virk, Member, is conducting proceedings of the cases of enforced disappearances regularly with assistance of law enforcing agencies for tracing out the missing persons, says a press release received here on Wednesday.

Proceedings of the Commission are being held at Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta periodically. On 1st Jan, 2011, 138 cases of Missing Persons were pending. During the period of 1st Jan, 2011 to 30th Nov, 2012, 775 new cases were received in the Commission, enhancing the total numbers to that of 913 out of which 329 cases have been disposed off and current balance of the cases under investigation is 584.

During the month of November, 2012 the proceedings were held at Islamabad in which 09 missing persons have been traced out. The names/parentage of these traced Persons are Muhammad Kamran s/o Ashiq Hussain, Muhammad Zakria s/o Dr. Khushi Muhammad, Muhammad Aslam s/o Rehmat Deen, Naseeruddin s/o Abdul Sattar, Zahid Mehmood Zaidi s/o Muhammad Sharif, Pervaiz Hussain, Adilur Rehman s/o Gul Rehman, Nouman Ahmed s/o Sardar Ahmed and Shawkat Ali s/o Gul Roz.

The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances is committed and determined to make all out efforts to trace the missing persons.