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CM formally launches Baizi Irrigation scheme

Peshawar: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has formally launched greater agriculture scheme, Baizi Irrigation Scheme in Katlang district Mardan on Wednesday.

Addressing a huge gathering, he reiterated that elements that shun violence and extend step to peace were our brothers and doors of dialogues were open for them but the struggle against brutality and violence will continue till the last.

He said that Baizi Irrigation Scheme was guarantee of agriculture revolution in the area, and future development and prosperity. MNA Himayat Ullah Mayar, ANP District Mardan, Sawabi and Malakand district presidents, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Syed Masoom Shah Bacha, MPA Ghani Dad Khan and others were also present.

He said that protection of the country and nation, establishment of peace and stability and brighter future for next generation were part of ANP election manifesto, resultantly red flag achieved sweeping success.

He said that completion of Baizi Irrigation scheme was historical moment for me which was dream of our ancestors and Khudai Khidmatgar, who rendered enormous sacrifices on achieving independence from the Britishers.

He said that the completion of this project under red flag was an honour not only for him but for entire workers of ANP. He said that there was period of unIslamic virtues, brutality and injustices in Swat five years earlier, added, the present government on coming to power, adopted the path of dialogues for extinguishes fire of extremism and agreement was reached.

He said that those elements had certain other agendas due to which they extended the fire from Swat to Buner, Sawabi and other areas. He said that if we wished, we may also turn back to ground realities and were thinking of our homes, government and ourselves but we opted for path of our ancestors, added, we adopted the path of protection of the country, nation and brighter future of our children and consequently we were deprived of our leaders, elected representatives, office bearers and workers.

He said that 25 lac people of Malakand division were displaced for eradication of menace of extremism and militancy, added, by grace of God and cooperation of people of host districts, their safe return became possible in mere three months.

He said that it was our fault to demand not to kill our children, don’t blast our bazaars, mosques, funerals and don’t push the Pakhtun nation in darkness of ignorance, added, if that was our fault, it was indeed an honour for every soldier of Bacha Khan.

He said that MPA Shamsher Khan, MPA Alamzeb Khan and ANP Leader Bashir Ahmad Bilour had not rendered sacrifices of their lives for their home, family or business rather they rendered sacrifices survival of the country nation and the motherland.

He reiterated that despite sacrifices of hundreds workers, their doors were open for those who shun violence and adapt to peace path and they were our brothers but elements stressing violence will be fought till the last.

He said that we aimed giving pen and book in hands of Pakhtun children and established 8 universities in public sector, 72 new colleges including 46 colleges for girls in mere four and a half years reflect our promise for spreading light of knowledge to every nuke and corner of the province while earlier to us only 10 universities 46 colleges for girls were established in 60 years.

He said that up gradation of innumerable schools from primary to higher level, establishment of general, technical, and professional institutes and addition of three new tehsils in Mardan were part of our development strategy that has no precedent in the past 60 years. He approved construction of road from Mian Khan to Salarzai. He said that construction of highways; bridges and link roads were addition to it.

Throwing light on background of Baizi irrigation Scheme, the CM said that initially the financial implications on the project was Rs. 1.80 billion but its implications rose to Rs. 3.40billion in making it congruent to needs of the people and the area. He said that agriculture production of the area up till now stood at 8780 metric ton.

He said that entire distribution of the scheme will be completed by June that will boost agriculture production to 2,60, 834 metric ton. He said that this project will prove base of agriculture revolution. He said that everyone claim revolution but red revolution of Bacha Khan has came to the area for irrigating the land.

He said that he doesn’t believe in personal criticism, added, every party has the right to meet the people with its manifesto and I pray that God bestowed success to that representatives that deserve to serve the people.

He said that 5 years performance of the present government, its achievements were all due to support and cooperation of the people. He said that up gradation of Govt. High School in Mian Khan Village has already been approved and directed for estimation of cost on repair and reconstruction of tube wells in sanghu.
Earlier Senator Azam Khan Hoti said that Baizi Irrigation Project was his longstanding dream and he was so pleased on realization of his dream and it was a historic moment for the area.

He termed the project the most major project of the century for the area that has been purely completed on provincial resources. He said that the previous government has not paid attention to this project.
He congratulated people of the area on completion of the project and challenged ANP will contest and win election from PK28 otherwise he will give up politics.


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