Civil Aviation Authority Helps Female Passenger Recover Lost Bag Worth Rs. 40 Lakh

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has earned praise and admiration for its outstanding efforts in recovering a female passenger’s lost bag containing valuable items worth Rs. 40 lakh. The incident unfolded at Islamabad airport.

The female passenger in question arrived in Islamabad from Karachi on flight ER 502. She had inadvertently left her bag at the airport’s baby changing room on level two. The bag contained precious belongings, including 110 British pounds, 22,830 PKR rupees, 10 tolas of gold, two mobile phones, and a Swiss watch.

Fortunately, a female sanitary attendant, Subia Asif, discovered the misplaced bag in the baby changing room and promptly took it to the Terminal Manager’s office, who later submitted the bag to the CAA Lost and Found Section/Office to ensure its safety and proper handling.

The following day, the female passenger was contacted by the Islamabad Airport authorities. The CAA Lost and Found Section/Office had diligently safeguarded the bag and its valuable contents. The staff then handed over the bag to its rightful owner.

Overjoyed and immensely grateful, the female passenger expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Civil Aviation Authority staff. She praised their integrity, honesty, and dedication to ensuring the safe return of her valuable possessions.

This incident serves as a shining example of the commitment to customer service and ethical standards exhibited by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. This is not the first time that the CAA has helped out passengers’ who misplaced their belongings at the airport terminal.

Earlier this year, renowned rapper Talhah Yunus forgot to pick up his bag containing items worth Rs. 1.5 million, from the parking area of Jinnah International Airport. The lost bag was submitted to the DTM office and returned to the Young Stunner.

Source: Pro Pakistani