Chingchi rickshaw incidents on rise

Talhar, Sindh: At least 70 road accidents involving Chingchi rickshaws were reported here in last month, resulting in injuries to more than 100 people. Chingchi rickshaws have become the major cause of road accidents here, as mainly these dangerous three-wheelers are being run by young drivers. Generally boys, ageing 10 to 16 years, drive the Chingchi rickshaws in Badin, Talhar, Matli, Golarchi, Rajo Khanani, Kerio Ganhwar, Ghulam Shah Mori, Tando Ghulam Ali and other towns and villages.

The reckless driving of these under-age drivers often result in serious road accidents, but the police and local authorities do not take any action against these young drivers who do not possess any driving license. Similarly, the trend of riding motorbikes by underage people is on the rise in area. The citizens have demanded of the government to take action against the young drivers to contain growing road accidents in the region.