Chinese Art Exhibition A Big Hit at London Olympics

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BEIJING, China, Sept. 17 /Xinhua-AsiaNet

An exhibition of more than 100 oil paintings by three generations of China’s most influential artists was a major cultural attraction for people from all over the world during the London Olympic Games, from July 24 to 31, 2012.Held at the well-known Olympia Exhibition Centre it was part of the highly acclaimed ‘Beijing Culture Week’ that was one of the highlights of the events and part of the Cultural Olympiad, which ran in tandem with the Games.The exhibition was organized by the Beijing Guozijian Oil Painting Museum sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Government, and the focus of many of the works was ‘Colourful Beijing’, which was the host city to the 2008 Games.

Apart from promoting Beijing, the week long event in July was also part of the ongoing cross-cultural links to promote friendship between China and Britain that has been encouraged by the governments of both countries.

The artists chosen to represent the essence of the Chinese art world to foreign audiences included Jin Shangyi, Zhan Jianjun, Zhong Han, Quan Shanshi, Zhang Zuying, Yan Zhenduo , Xu Jiang and Yang Feiyun.

Visitors to the exhibition were able to absorb the modern development and changes in Chinese art demonstrated by the paintings and many were introduced to Chinese contemporary culture for the first time.

They were impressed by such work as Jin Shangyi’s ‘Portrait of a Friend’, which blends the traditions of Chinese culture and spirituality with European ‘classicism’. The school of realism was represented by the fascinating and expressive style of Zhan Jianjun in his painting ‘Flying Snow’.

And the unusual ethnic characteristics of Tibet, a part of Chinese culture, were fused with traditional Chinese cultural values in Zhang Zuying’s aesthetically pleasing ‘Droma’s World’ while ‘Album ¨C 28′ by Shang Yang mixed contemporary images with the almost intangible exploration of the literary world.

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SOURCE: Beijing Guozijian Oil Painting Art Museum