Chairman NDMA underscores need to review stock positions for summer contingencies

NDMA Chairman Lieutenant General Inam Haider Malik has highlighted the need for timely training of responders and importance of preparedness by learning from past experiences.

The urgency was expressed at a conference held in Islamabad today regarding the upcoming monsoon season.

He underscored the need to review the stock positions for summer contingencies including tackling heatwaves, droughts, GLOFs, and cyclones.

The Chairman stressed that proactive measures are essential to mitigate disaster impacts and called for tangible actions before disasters strike.

On this occasion, Technical team of NDMA and Pakistan Meteorological Department Pakistan apprised that forty to sixty percent above normal rains are forecasted throughout the country during monsoon this year.

The Federal Flood Commission also provided an update on the telemetry stations network and the early warning mechanisms established along the Kirthar and Suleman Ranges to ensure timely and accurate flood alerts.

Meanwhile, the Health Minist
ry presented a plan for monitoring and controlling vector and waterborne diseases, which are likely to rise during the monsoon season.

The NDMA will continue to monitor the situation closely and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to ensure a timely and effective response to any emergencies arising from the monsoon season.

Source: Radio Pakistan