CDA Earns Rs. 11.2 Billion From Plots’ Auction in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) plot auction will continue for the fourth and final day today.

Yesterday, the civic authority sold 7 more plots, taking the total tally of sold plots to 15. According to a press release by the CDA, it has so far earned Rs. 11.282 billion during the first three days.

On the third day of the auction, Plot No. 6 located in Sector F-6/4 attracted the highest amount, Rs. 47.026 million.

Other plots included Plot No. 1 which was sold for Rs. 44.35 million, Plot No. 2 for Rs. 24.847 million, Plot No. 3 for Rs. 27.34 million, Plot No. 4 for Rs. 31.01 million, and Plot No. 5 for Rs. 40.52 million.

Furthermore, a plot in Sector F-8/4 allocated for a fruit, vegetable, and meat shop was sold for Rs. 42.106 million during the auction.

Earlier, CDA had sold eight plots during the first two days for an impressive amount of Rs. 10.94 billion.

So far, plot number 8 with a total measurement of 2666.66 square yards located in Blue Area is the most expensive plot in the auction, sold for a price of Rs. 4.45 billion.

Source: Pro Pakistani