BQATI concerned on goods transport strike

General Karachi

Karachi: Usman Ahmed, President of Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry has expressed its concern over strike by Goods Transporters being observed over lack of security and load limits set by the motorway police along with the fines being imposed.

Goods transport carriers strike has completely halted the export and import activities and has also damaged the industrial manufacturing capacity of the country resulting in per day losses of around Rs.3.6 billion to the foreign exchange earnings through exports, he said in a statement.

He said that the transport of goods to factories was being affected by this causing closure of ghee units, cement and soap manufacturing units due to non-supply of raw materials to industries.

President BQATI said that the goods transport carriers strike which had entered into its 10th day had ceased business activities as the goods were not reaching the ports due to which the country had suffered a loss of exports of around $ 600700 million so far. The goods transport carriers strike had not only hurt shipments of export consignments but have also disturbed import business as importers were forced to pay demurrages for not being able to clear their consignments from the ports. Furthermore, the strike had been affecting manufacturing activity as industrial units were not receiving raw materials and fuel to run their mills, thus resulting in a loss of over Rs.3.6 billion per day.