Bokhari expresses distrust over Suddal Commission probing Arsalan Iftikhar case

ISLAMABAD: Advocate Zahid Bokhari, counsel for property developer Malik Riaz, on Thursday expressed complete distrust over an inquiry commission headed by Shoaib Suddle, probing Arsalan Iftikhar case.

Talking to media outside the Supreme Court, Bokhari said Suddal Commission had no constitutional mandate to probe the matter. He said as Federal Tax Ombudsman Shoaib Suddal had family relations with the chief justice of Pakistan, thus the findings of the commission could not be impartial.

To a query, he said “We will not appear before the commission till a decision on a review petition pending before the Supreme Court against its (commission) formation. He said the commission had been informed in writing about his stance.

He said the commission had sent its’ findings report to the Supreme Court, which will be obtained soon. He said the proceedings conducted by the commission from October 6 to November 6 were illegal. He said the commission had no legal authority to order registration of case against his client. Besides, he said the commission also had no authority to seek or examine the taxes’ details of his client.

The Supreme Court had formed a one-man commission headed by Shoaib Suddal to probe into the allegations Malik Riaz had levelled against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.