Blue Nile App Today Announced Launch of iTrace for iPhone to Help Users Find and Recover Lost Apple Devices

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SAN MATEO, CA–(Marketwire – October 31, 2012) –  Mobile gadgets are stylishly becoming handy. Clutching an iPad, or walking down the street while talking on your iPhone is practically part of one’s everyday life. Unfortunately, these expensive devices are highly coveted by thieves.

If you have the habit of misplacing your gadgets, then iTrace for iPhone will help you with search and recovery of your lost iPhone or iPad. The software has a state-of-the-art built-in voice detection system that is activated from the mere detection of your voice. Simply scream “iPhone!” and the preselected inbuilt ringer is immediately activated on your phone. iTrace runs quietly in the background and has no bearing on your phone’s battery life. Users can even select from a long list of free ringtones or simply create one themselves.

Whether you are in a room full of people or in a public setting, the loud ring is unmistakable. On occasion when the phone is out of range and use of the voice activation system is not possible, owners can simply send a free text message with the keyword “iTrace” to a dedicated phone number. Within a few minutes, a text reply is received with an exact address of the device’s current location. Additionally, logging into your iTrace account online will even show you a map display using Google Maps street view and give you a list of the last 10 locations your iPhone was spotted.

iTrace will not only make sure you never part ways with your expensive gadgets, but will also help you keep track of friends and loved ones when they are out of sight. iTrace is now available as a discounted download from the apple app store at

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Cory Lippincott