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Belarus businessmen urged to explore venture possibilities in Pakistan

Karachi: Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s President Muhammad Haroon Agar urged the Ambassador of Belarus Victor Rybak to explore the possibilities of Pak-Belarus joint ventures in automobiles, services and industrial products.

Exchanging views he said that Pakistan and Belarus are two friendly countries and there is great potential to enhance bilateral trade and economic ties. He stated that Belarus economy is dominated by services and industrial products. Belarus tractor is famous in Pakistan. He was of the view that Belarusian tractors, trucks, motorcycles, earthmovers, fertilizers, machinery and mineral products, chemicals, metals, textiles, metalcutting machine tools, synthetic fibres can be exported to Pakistan due to its demand. Belarus Export to Pakistan in 2011were $2.54 Million while Belarus imports from Pakistan in 2011 were $34.58 Million.

President KCCI offered the Belarusian Ambassador that KCCI can cooperate with Embassy of Belarus to organize Single Country Belarusian Exhibition in Pakistan. Likewise, he invited Belarusian’s companies through the courtesy of Ambassador to participate in the KCCI’s MyKarachi Exhibition to be organized in July 2013. He said that KCCI can sign MoU with its Minsk Chamber of Commerce & Industry to facilitate business community. He apprised about the vital role of KCCI in the socioeconomic development of Pakistan and to promote trade and industry in Karachi and elsewhere.

Victor Rybak articulated that Pakistan is an important friendly country and Belarus attaches importance to Pak-Belarus political and trade relations. He endorsed that prospects to enhance Pak-Belarus Economic and Commercial cooperation do exist. To explore new avenues of bilateral cooperation, renowned Businessman Abdul Rauf Tabani has been appointed as the Honorary Consul General of Belarus to Pakistan.

He stated that Belarus lies in the heart of Europe and it is most industrialized country which got independence from Soviet Union. He informed that GDP was growing every year and economy strongest sectors were service industries and manufacturing. He informed that Belarus tractor is very popular in Pakistan. Five dealers of Belarus Tractors are operating in Karachi. In last 5 years, 30,000 tractors were sold to Pakistan.

Ambassador informed that economic diplomacy was his first priority as Pakistan has lot of potential in many areas. He invited President KCCI to compose a business delegation to Belarus. He informed that Belarus is a promising business and investment destination for investors.

Presently Belarus was 56th in ease of doing business whereas by 2015 the country will likely achieve the 30th rank for ease in doing business. Pakistan and Belarus are maintaining agreements on trade and economic cooperation and investment protection. He informed that Bilateral Investment Treaty between two countries has been ratified by Belarus while ratification from Pakistan is awaited. He informed that dynamics of Belarus are different central Asian Republics and the country has its unique strengths in many areas. He stressed upon the need of frequent people-to-people contact, regular exchange of trade information and business delegations.

Abdul Rauf Tabani, Honorary Consul General of Belarus to Pakistan, Majyd Aziz, former President KCCI, Senior Vice President KCCI Shamim Firpo, Vice President Nasir Mehmood and Managing Committee Members also exchanged views on Pakistan-Belarus bilateral trade.


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