Bassam Karanouh visits FonGrow agriculture and Livestock farm

Bassam Karanouh, a partner of Dubai Based Company Caballero Foods visited the FonGrow agriculture and Livestock farm in Khanewal.

The purpose of the visit was to explore the sustainable supply chain in the global meat market as well as promote bilateral trade ties with Gulf countries.

On this occasion, it was informed that FonGrow, a livestock company, aims to secure food at the national level and explore import substitution by exploring new avenues for exports.

FonGrow is improving the quality of agricultural commodities to boost export volume as well as improving the breed, which will also benefit the farmer.

Highlighting the expertise of FonGrow, it was informed that the process of In Vitro Fertilization is being used in which an egg is fertilized outside the uterus of female cattle in the laboratory, resulting in the creation of multiple offspring from a healthy animal’s ovum.

Source: Radio Pakistan