Bangladesh keen to establish trade links between Sialkot, Dhaka: HC

SIALKOT: The High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Pakistan Suhrab Hossain has stressed upon the need to establish strong trade links between the chamber of commerce of Dhaka and Sialkot for further strengthening the mutual trade ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh. He said that the time was ripe for both of the countries to take advantages of the two-way trade between the two brotherly countries.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of Sialkot business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry SCCI here Thursday. He said that there were bright opportunities of setting up joint ventures with Sialkot, Pakistan business community in different trade fields, as the several Bangladeshi companies were showing keen interest, in this regard.

He said that the Bangladesh was keen to establish the some direct trade links between the chambers of commerce and industries of Sialkot and Dhaka, besides, making all out sincere efforts to boost mutual trade ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh. He said that the time was ripe to further strengthen these mutual trade ties between the two countries.

Bangladeshi HC offered some direct trade relations to Sialkot business community, besides, pledging full support and cooperation to ensure the easy access of Sialkot business community to international trade markets of Bangladesh.

He agreed with SCCI proposal regarding the regular exchange of updated trade information and mutual trade delegations to enhance the trade between the two countries. He invited the Sialkot, Pakistan business community to divert their business activities to Bangladesh, besides, participating in all the coming industrial exhibitions and trade fairs being held soon in Bangladesh.

He urged the Sialkot businessmen to organize the trade fairs and industrial exhibitions in Bangladesh, besides, investing in Bangladesh by enjoying the business and investment friendly policies of Bangladesh, saying that Bangladesh has a very liberal investment policy for the foreign investors.

He asked the businessmen of Pakistan and Bangladesh to come forward o establish a shipping line between Karachi and Chittagong to boost the mutual trade.

Bangladeshi High Commissioner assured the Sialkot businessmen that the Bangladesh would increase its cotton and yarn exports from Pakistan. He said that the Bangladeshi economy was getting strengthened day by day due to some effective and positive trade and export policies of the country.

On this occasion, the Sialkot exporters said that there was a dire need of developing joint strategy, saying that despite having wealth of resources, Muslim nations are still lagging behind in terms of industrialization and technological advancement. In order to make progress we need to improve mutual cooperation and develop joint strategy, they added.

They further said that it was the high time that both Pakistan and Bangladesh should come up fast to tighten hands to consolidate further trade relations, mutual growth and development prospects. There was an ample scope for expansion of bilateral trade. Both of these countries should import from each other rather than buying from distant countries. They added that in order to enhance bilateral trade both countries require strong commercial shipping links with minimum shipping charges, which presently are rather weak.

For improving bilateral trade, SCCI suggested that exchange of trade delegations and one-to-one meetings of businessmen of both sides may be arranged. This would require both sides to ensure a simple visa process to enable the businessmen to meet each other as and when needed. Sialkot is a unique city enriched with its historical background and strong industrial base. It is one of the most important economic centres, recognized as the only export oriented city of the country. With the gradual growth of exports, the industrialists decided to setup a platform for facilitation in business activities and other relating matters.

The Bangladeshi High Commissioner also visited Sialkot International Airport. On this occasion, he pledged to make all out sincere efforts to bring the Bangladeshi airlines to Sialkot airport as soon as possible.