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Bahrain FM: ‘Peace to Prosperity’ workshop aims to support Palestinian economy

Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said that Bahrain has contributed to hosting many conferences that serve the region and its stability, especially the Palestinian people.

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed said that the "Peace to Prosperity workshop is not the first event to be hosted by Bahrain to support the economy of the Palestinian people, noting that workshop could be a new beginning for the Middle East if taken seriously.

He added that the two-day workshop was focused on improving the economic conditions of the countries in the region, particularly the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.

On the political portion of the peace plan with Israel, the foreign minister said: "We have no knowledge and there is nothing on the table regarding a political and peace plan with Israel.

Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed was speaking on the sidelines of the Manama "Peace to Prosperity" workshop, which aims to raise $50 billion to spur economic development in the Palestinian territories. This US economic plan was orchestrated by White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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