Arrival of Pakistani pilgrims in Saudi Arabia continuing

Arrival of Pakistani pilgrims at the holy land of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj is continuing.

Our Correspondent in Makkah, Bilal Khan Mehsud reports that so far, 42,763 intending pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia via 174 flights under the Government Hajj Scheme.

Over 27,342 intending pilgrims are expected to reach Makkah in next 10 days.

The Pakistan Hajj Mission will host over 70,000 pilgrims under the Government Hajj Scheme and more than 80,000 under the Private Hajj Scheme.

In Madinah, around 32,900 pilgrims got the opportunity to visit Riaz Al-Jannah.

The Pakistan Hajj Mission has established two central hospitals and a dozen of dispensaries to provide the best medical facilities to pilgrims.

Besides, 390 Hajj Moavineen, including Pakistani civilians and uniformed personnel, are serving the pilgrims with travel, accommodation and food facilities.

So far, 115 pilgrims have been reunited with their families and 718 dislocated bags and purses and 166 wheelchairs have been returned to the owners.

ource: Radio Pakistan