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QUETTA: Problem of Balochistan would not resolve unless there is interference of secret agencies in the provincial affairs.

Balochistan National Party BNP took imitative to put off fire in the province but these forces want to see the province same for their interests. Law and order situation can improve where then is authoritative government and no interference of secret agencies.

These views were expressed by President BNP Sardar Akhtar Mengal at a Press conference here Monday.

National Party leader from District Kohlu Malik Gaman Marri, PMLN leader Bushra Rind and others announced to join party at the Press conference.

Akhtar Mengal welcomed new comers to the party and said they would support us in our struggle.

He said police officers were expressing ignorance of incident that took place last night. Even general public observed that who tried to attack us. He aid these forces did not accept murders of Nawab Akbar Bugti and ongoing operation in the province how they would admit this. Their objectives were not only for yesterday but daily such incidents take place with our workers. Since we have decided to take part in elections our workers are being threatened and receiving messages from death squads to stop us from participating in elections. We want to give them message they cannot stop us from our objective. They should read history of Balochistan first.

He said we took initiative to put off fire in Balochistan but these forces for their interests were making abortive attempts to foil our efforts because they want to secure their interests.

He aid we have made it clear upon Election Commission and other forces if our demands were not met we can boycott the polls.

He said Balochistan is in state of war and our candidates are facing problems but people of the government are free for election campaign. Under these circumstances elections are difficult.

He said those whom we were terming our friends were not ready to make alliance with us. But we would make alliance with anyone.


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