Abbas Town blast: Bureaucrats accused of delaying compensation cheques

General Karachi

KARACHI: Allama Mukhtar Imami, secretary general of MajliseWahdateMuslimeen MWM, Sindh has demanded of the government to apologize for the humiliating attitude of Commissioner of Karachi.

“We will not tolerate the humiliation of the injured and heirs of martyrs of Abbas Town Tragedy,” he warned while presiding over a meeting of the MWM’s provincial chapter on Friday.

Imami said: “On one hand, President Asif Zardari announces relief for the affected people of Abbas Tow tragedy and on the other the commissioner, additional commissioner Karachi and deputy commissioner Malir humiliate the affectees.“

President Zardari and Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah should take notice of it and give up this double standard,” he urged.
He said that these bureaucrats are delaying the issuance of cheques to the injured and heirs of martyrs of Abbas Town tragedy. He demanded that the commissioner Karachi must be sacked and an honest and efficient officer be posted as the commissioner in his place.

“If the cheques were not given to the affectees within 48 hours, the people will begin a protest movement against the PPP across Sindh province,” he vowed.

He said that Shiites of Pakistan pose their confidence in the leadership of Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri. He said that Allama Talib Johari, Allama Abbas Kumaili and other noted scholars are also respectable for Shiites and we shall not tolerate any divisive policy of the corrupt bureaucrats to divide our scholars. He said that Shias are united and the corrupt people must desist from division among us.