8th Program of KSE’s Young Investor Awareness Drive

Karachi: The Students and Faculty Members from Mukesh House of Education institute participated in the 8th Program of Interactive Learning Series “Preserving and Growing your Savings”, jointly organized by Karachi Stock Exchange KSE and Institute of Capital Markets ICM, which has been specifically tailored for school/college/university students.

Javed Hasan, the CEO of ICM explained the dynamics of various asset classes in the past ten years and made students realize that equity investments have remained on the top across the globe in fighting inflation when compared with other asset classes including Bank Deposits, Gold, Commodities and Treasury Bills.

Sanie Mehmood Khan, General Manager KSE said that lack of adequate financial literacy and capability coupled with inadequate level of understanding and due diligence makes investors vulnerable to fraudulent activities and unwise investment decisions as they ignore basic prudent measures before entering into a contractual agreement with a financial service provider.

Muhammad Asif Paryani, Deputy Director SCD of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan said that stock markets are driven by greed and fear. People are usually caught up in the boom fever and pay beyond actual worth of shares. He advised students to research and plan investments and avoid investing based on tips and rumors.