74 to get BDS degrees at FJDC convocation

General Karachi

Karachi: Fatima Jinnah Dental College announces to hold its 16th Convocation on Friday, 22nd of March here. As many as 74 students will receive their B.D.S. degree at the ceremony.

FJDC, in its 20 year history, has produced over 1200 dental graduates, 20% of the total number of dental graduates all over Pakistan. Considering the acute shortage of dentists in Pakistan and abroad, this is a great contribution indeed.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, Vice Chancellor, Karachi University, Dr. Tasleem Hossein, Principal FJDC, Dr. S. Hussain Askary, Director Academia & Administration, FJDC, and Dr. S. Baqar Askary, Chief Executive & Head of the Institution, FJDC, will be among the dignitaries present at the occasion.