50 students of Lahore higher educational institutions conclude week-long annual Survey of US History course

General Lahore

Lahore: Approximately 50 students from Lahore’s higher educational institutions concluded a week-long annual Survey of American History course at the U.S. Consulate General Lahore. This annual course, open to students and academics interested in learning more about American history, was taught by scholars and American diplomats posted to Lahore.

Political-Economic Chief Michael Gray delivered the concluding lecture of the course, focusing on the history of US-Pakistan relations, starting from Pakistan’s independence to the present day. Consul General Nina Maria Fite congratulated participants and presented them with certificates at the conclusion of the survey.

The Survey of American History, offered by the U.S. Consulate every year since 1988, takes participants chronologically from the origins of the United States as a colony of the British Empire through the evolution of its democratic institutions, the Civil War, and its growth in the post-Second World War period. The series of lectures concludes with talks on U.S. diplomatic history and its role in the world today. This course provides Pakistanis interested in the United States with a comprehensive understanding of political, economic, foreign policy, and constitutional issues throughout American history.