40 doctors killed in last 5 years: PIMA

General Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association PIMA on Thursday said that Sind caretaker government should focus on law and order situation in the province.

A statement issued from PIMA said caretaker Chief Minster should take strict measures to overcome lawlessness, terrorism and extortion and especially crimes against doctors like kidnapping, killing and extortion. It said the killers of doctors should be badly punished.

PIMA reminded that at least 40 doctors were killed in five year tenure of previous regime but no culprit was arrested. It said now the caretakers should take measures to check the lawlessness. It said doctors are migrating to other countries due to the lawlessness and other crimes against them in Sind province. This situation is alarming, due to which hospitals are facing shortage of doctors.

The PIMA said last government completely failed to provide security to doctors and despite many complaints no action was taken.

The PIMA demanded immediate arrest of the killers of doctors murdered in last five years. It also demanded security for doctors so they can work with peace of mind.